Counsellor (Acquisition Series Book 1)

In the heart of Louisiana, the most powerful people in the South live behind elegant gates, mossy trees, and pleasant masks. Once every ten years, the pretense falls away and a tournament is held to determine who will rule them. The Acquisition is a crucible for the Southern nobility, a love letter written to a time when barbarism was enshrined as law.
Now, Sinclair Vinemont is in the running to claim the prize. There is only one way to win, and he has the key to do it — Stella Rousseau, his Acquisition. To save her father, Stella has agreed to become Sinclair’s slave for one year. Though she is at the mercy of the cold, treacherous Vinemont, Stella will not go willingly into darkness.
As Sinclair and Stella battle against each other and the clock, only one thing is certain: The Acquisition always ends in blood.



🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Well written, with a great storyline as well as a plot. Fascinating characters that just keep you enthralled and intrigued throughout the story. What I also loved about the story, is that provide a fascinating backdrop for this torrid love story. Brilliant, just brilliant!

Already got started on Magnate, not much patience when finding a great fictional very dark and twisted series. This book was just perfect to kept me enthrall and captivated. So intense, suspenseful, dramatic, and intriguing; steamy hot chemistry, and hotter sex. Fast paced, and definitely an automatic pager turner!

I’m just loving this DARK/DARK/VERY TWISTED series.

WARNING: This book is a dark romance with elements of BDSM, slavery, violence, and super-hot sex. It is the first of a series and ends on a cliffhanger.
If you’re good with these caveats, enjoy!

Titles in the Acquisition Trilogy
Available NOW– Magnate, Book 2 of the Acquisition Series
Coming April 2016 — Sovereign, Book 3 of the Acquisition Series

 Magnate (Acquisition Series Book 2)

!Available Now!

Lucius Vinemont has spirited me away to a world of sugar cane and sun. There is nothing he cannot give me on his lavish Cuban plantation. Each gift seduces me, each touch seals my fate. There is no more talk of depraved competitions or his older brother – the one who’d stolen me, claimed me, and made me feel things I never should have. Even as Lucius works to make me forget Sinclair, my thoughts stray back to him, to the dark blue eyes that haunt my sweetest dreams and bitterest nightmares. Just like every dream, this one must end. Christmas will soon be here, and with it, the second trial of the Acquisition.



🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

This story is intriguing, enthralling, suspenseful, full of drama and hatred, but hopeful. Secrets are revealed, betrayals are expected.
The storyline was thought provoking, heart wrenching, and engrossing. The characters superb. Every detail was vividly evoked, just as if I was watching everything happening right before my eyes.

A brilliantly written story that is gripping, twisted, and touching. Can’t wait for the next and final installment.

ARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange of my honest review.



Final Book in the Acquisition Series
Coming April 28


A Note From The Author:
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