Arcana Series by Zoe Winters

Arcana Episode 1: The Fool by Zoe Winters

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Episode 1 of Arcana is now LIVE: ($2.99 USD)


Kobo Books

Google Play

Barnes and Noble

(available internationally at Google Play and Kobo)

NOTE: Will be available on Smashwords on March 3rd.

$1.99 Pre-order at Amazon… Book Goes live at Amazon on March 3rd: (regular retail price $2.99. Save with pre-order!)

(available in all the Amazon country stores.)


Aurelia Cunningham has ignored her magic too long, and now everything might fall apart. She must choose between being a citizen of one of the controlling magic cities or trying to make it in the wilderness.

The city contains the secret to her magic and answers to a mystery she must untangle to survive. The wilderness has Bast, an old, powerful, and mysterious vampire intent on making her his permanent meal.

Arcana is a serial that follows the Fool’s/Hero’s journey through the major arcana of the Tarot. Readers need not be familiar with the Tarot or the meanings of the cards to appreciate the story, but those who are familiar will find many Tarot Easter eggs hidden throughout the series.


99 cent Pre-Order sale for Arcana episode 2, should start tomorrow at: iBooks, Kobo, Google, and B&N. You will also be able to get pre-order for the rest of the first season at iBooks. Amazon will be much closer to release because long pre-orders there hurt visibility.


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