Billion Dollar Bad Boy


¡Coming March 25, 2016!

 Get ready to meet Silver the baddest, richest, and filthiest bad boy around!

His heart belongs to one woman.

 And she has no idea that he’s going to make her HIS!

An Excerpt from Book 1:

Fingers gripped my wrist, stopping me in my tracks. I wasn’t ready to be touched, and on impulse, I started to yank away. “Excuse me!” I gasped, spinning to face my assailant. “Just who do you think…”

And like that, my words vanished to mix with the music.

The man who towered over me didn’t move. Still, he had this air around him that spoke of being fluid—being fast. His hand grazed down mine, touching my fingertips and causing fire to grow in my belly.

Never had I been held under such an intense presence. His eyes slid over me, coating my soul as they searched. They moved as patiently as tree sap, shining the same shade. The red hue of the club lights cast his rich skin in a sinful color, turned his cropped, dark hair glossy.

He’d chosen to wear a coal-colored shirt that bared his forearms. The tendons rippled, making the intricate tattoos slither and writhe obscenely. His teeth glimmered; every part of him was a razor.

The edge of his smile spoke to me. A private secret, a little smirk that said I know what you want from me.

I’d never been so exposed in my life.

Arching an eyebrow, he darted a hand forward. Before I could react, he stroked my earring. “I was right. They’re beautiful on you.”

An electric shock exploded in my brain. I knew the truth. There was no doubt.

The man that had been courting me secretly, tempting me with all sorts of intriguing gifts, was just inches away.


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